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ICMEN 2019 | Chognqing, China


ICMEN 2019 | Chongqing University, China

ICMEN 2019 was successfully held at Chongqing University, China during July 18-21, 2019! 


Group Photo 

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Zhengtang Tom Luo ( Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong )  

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Shih-Chieh Lin (National Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan)  

Invited Speaker: Prof. Bo Tan (Ryerson University, Canada)  

Invited Speaker: Prof. Venkata krishnan (Ryerson University, Canada)  


Lab Visit 


Session I BP-Nan Li   Session I - Group Photo  Session II BP -Li Wang   Session II - Group Photo 
Session III BP-Xinle Geng  Session III - Group Photo  Session IV BP-Yupeng Feng   Session IV - Group Photo 


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